Our Practice

Bringing it All Together.......for You!

At Jeller Wealth Management we begin each relationship with what you want to achieve and keep that as our focus in all of our advice going forward.  

We utilize a comprehensive approach to wealth management with established processes.  It begins with the Investment Planning Process that analyzes individual financial needs and goals.  We then move to our Portfolio Management Process where we take into consideration our clients risk tolerance, time horizon, all current and future assets to develop and execute strategies based upon achievement of specific goals.  The Legacy Process for clients is focused on wealth preservation by aiding efficient wealth transfers across generations, along with supporting causes that are important to them.

Jeller Wealth Management is fully committed to keeping our clients on track through reviews along with updates based upon their needs and desires.  We connect with our clients on a consistent basis in the manner that suits their lifestyles.  

Our clients typically have or are acquiring a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets and value a relationship with an advisor who plans to work closely with them throughout the achievement of their financial goals.